Wedding events

let gaming vault keep your younger guests happy allowing you and your guests to enjoy your special day !

When planning your special day consider Gaming Vault to keep the children occupied and happy with our fully hosted gaming parties.

Having been invited to many weddings over the years when my children where younger, the one thing we always had to consider was, how long would it be before our children get bored and start saying when are we going home !

That's where Gaming Vault come in, we will bring along to your special day our fully equipped gaming truck which we guarantee will keep them occupied for as long as you want. we will tailor make a package to suite your specific requirements and provide anything from, 1 hour and 30 minutes to several hours the choice is yours !

What makes Gaming Vault unique, is no matter what the weather conditions are it does not change what we do, our truck is fully climate controlled, so if it's hot, we have air conditioning, if it's cold we have heating so the party will never stop, even if there is a power cut we have a generator on board, we just keep on going !

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